President, Tim "Cleetus" Rose 
Vice President, Bob "T-Rex" Green 
Secretary, David “Boy Scout” Dolph
Treasurer, Jeff “Doc” Hall 
S.A.A., Josh "Hollywood" Preston 
G.O.M., Andrew Penrod
Comms Boss., Andrew Penrod 
Controller, Scott Haddix 
Chaplain, Shawn Sheehan 

Past Grand Chapter Presidents

Dale Collins – 2020-2021 (Brothers Of Boaz)
Dwayne Coltz 2017-2019 (Sublime Principals)

Troy Rodeniser 2015-2017 (Rough Ashlars)

Paul R. Bickel - 2012-2015 (Sublime Principals)
Eric Lilly - 2011-2012 (Sublime Principles)
Brian Knoll - 2009-2011 (Solomons Sevens)
Jeff Root - 2007-2009 (Solomons Builders)

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