Widows Sons Rescue TeamThe Ohio Widows Sons have established a list of brothers from each Chapter who act as a Point of Contact for fellow members to call in case of break-down or other needs.  See our Chapter Locator for a map of the chapters in our jurisdiction.

Solomon's Builders - Cincinnati, Ohio
Primary Contact:  Gary Luce - (513) 616-6092
Secondary Contact:  Mark Fecke - (513) 507-1264

Passkeepers - Cleveland, Ohio
Primary Contact:  Pappy 
Secondary Contact:  Frank Bauck 

Solomon's Seven - Springfield, Ohio
Primary Contact:  Scott Haddix 
Secondary Contact:  TBD 

Middle Chamber - Central, Ohio
Primary Contact:  Bret Bennitt 
Secondary Contact:  Brian Knoll 

Sublime Principle's - Seville, Ohio
Primary Contact:  Shawn Sheehan 
Secondary Contact:  Tim Black 
Backup:  Dwayne Coltz

Euclid's Problem - Akron / Canton, Ohio
Primary Contact:  Mark Zartman 
Secondary Contact:  Randy Pullen 

Masonic Thunder - Marietta, Ohio
Primary Contact:  Ed Russel 
Secondary Contact:  Russ Parsons 

Overseers - Norwalk, Ohio
Primary Contact:  Ralph Bentley 
Secondary Contact:  Scott Bradley 

Y-City Travelers - Zanesville, Ohio
Primary Contact:  Mark McCabe 
Secondary Contact:  Tim Snelling 

Hirams Riders - Lima, Ohio
Primary Contact:  Bob Greene 
Secondary Contact:  Mike Smalley

Brazen Pillers - Middleton, Ohio
Primary Contact:  Eric McGown 
Secondary Contact:  Michael Dodson 

Brothers of Boaz - Brookville, Ohio
Primary Contact:  James Bailey 
Secondary Contact:  N/A

Brothers of the Trail - Coshocton, Ohio
Primary Contact:  Steve Hampton 
Secondary Contact:  Kyle Bourne 
Backup:  Craig Milligan

Rough Ashlars - Utica, Ohio
Primary Contact:  Damon Osbourne 
Secondary Contact:  Nate Murphy 

Craftsman - Delaware, Ohio
Primary Contact:  Roger Ailabouni 
Secondary Contact:  Chris Hartman 

3-5-7 - Kent, Ohio
Primary Contact:  Ron Timms 
Secondary Contact:  Eric Six 
Backup:  Rick Griggs 

Brothers Keeper - Bellefontaine, Ohio
Primary Contact:  Dwayne King 
Secondary Contact:  Dave Adams

Master Tylers - Ashland, Ohio
Primary Contact:  Mark Warner 
Secondary: Frank Haines 

Lions Paw - Logan, Ohio
Primary Contact: Kevin Moore 
Secondary: JT Stuttle Sr. 

Scions of Tubal Cane, Geneva, OH
Primary Contact:  Larry Jeppe  
Secondary:  Bryan Mullins 

Pillars of Strength, Wellsville, OH
Primary Contact:  Matt Rawson   
Secondary:  Bryan Mullins 

Sons of Tyre, Wilmington, OH
Primary Contact:  Mike Funk 
Secondary:  Dave Evans 
Tertiary:  Chad Hollon

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